Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another great assignment from my insane School:

I wouldn’t miss this movie, Clown hunt is the story of clowns on the run in a post apocalyptic world were there is little to laugh about, therefore the clowns as being one of the only amusements left are kept locked up in traveling clown circuses were they are forced to entertain the crowds as slaves to the circus master. but one day four clowns managed to escape from the Circus, will they survive by their own in the raw post apocalyptic landscapes, were bounty hunters and the so called clown hunters lures to catch free clowns and sell them to the circus.

Unfortunately this was just an assignment about creating characters and environment and working with these characters.

The clown hunter:

Before we started the assignment we had to vote on which idea should become the theme for the assignment. I came up with the theme back then named “clown-hunters", and it got chosen Hurray!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Japanese Wanted!

I am in the process of finishing this 40'ies-50'ies Japanese street scene. But my limited Japanese vocabulary only allowed me to write Cheep Sake on one of the signs. if there is some Japanese out there who can help me fill the empty signs please let me know. i will post the finished colored version afterwards.

There is a Fish store, a general store, and an electrics store. The rest is random and up to you.

Having a little fun with characterdesign, "The poor maid:"

Her day just gets better and better.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

As for the 29 of October i have just started my blog, This will mainly be about my animations and drawings. 
Perhaps I should tell a little about my self. I am studdying animation at the animation workshop In Viborg Denmark and i will use this blog to share the things i make both in my freetime and schoolrelated. There is currently not much to see but within the comming days i will dig out a lot of stuff. both from my own archives and from my folders at the school computer
Hej :-)